Being The First Buyer in a New Home Community in Tooele County

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About being first new home buyer

What about being the first buyer in a new home community in Tooele County? Have you thought about what the advantages, or disadvantages might be?

I don’t know why I haven’t written about this before, as over the years I have learned just about all of them.

Maybe because @ Group1 Real Estate we don’t tie ourselves to one builder or one subdivision any more.

We like to play the field and match the builder and the builders product with each of our Tooele home buyer families.

An article By Marcie Geffner called Being the first buyer in a subdivision. caught my attention & gave me the material to pass on to house buyers as well as agents. I think a few of these thoughtst could help anyone looking at new construction or thinking of buying a spec home in Tooele Utah.


Should You Be the First Buyer in a New-Home Community?

Being the first buyer in a new-home community has many benefits. Being first is often awesome.But should you be the first buyer in a new community where none of the homes have been built yet?

Yes, if you’re willing to take a little bit of risk on your home’s future market value so you can move into what might be a hot new neighborhood and get a nicely upgraded brand-new home at an attractive price..

When a new development opens, builders are more likely to add upgrades than lower prices for the early buyers,

Many builders choose to offer free or discounted extras like a clothes washer and dryer in a  nine-foot ceilings, a full or partialy finished basement, premium carpets, hardwood floors or a tiled master-bath shower in a house.

Lot Location

When it comes to the location of your lot, you’re likely to get fewer, but better choices if you buy early on. Production builders often like to complete a few homes near the entrance to the first phase before they open up other lots.

As an early buyer, you might have fewer lots from which to choose, but you’ll be able to negotiate a lower premium for a lot you really like.

Most new Tooele subdivisions, have lot premiums on the better lots. Lots with views, some corner spots and cul de sac properties could sell for more.

To break up the skyline and make the project more attractive and so all the houses don’t look the same, many new communities have guidelines that determine how many homes with a certain style or color scheme can be built on the same block. The first buyer in will have all the choices available. Later home buyers will be more limited because of what’s already been built

Buying Amenities

Being the first buyer in a  new home community in Tooele County might mean that  some of the amenities such as a clubhouse, swimming pool, parks or walking paths might not be built before you move in. It’s possible that some or all of the amenities might never be built.

Sometimes the cost to build amenities is part of the overall plan for the development. Other times, those costs are sales-driven, which means amenities won’t be built until certain percentages of homes have been sold

Amenities are important not only for your enjoyment, but also your home’s resale value.

Location Of Public Schools

If Public schools are important for you, you need to do your homework. A trip to the planning commission or Tooele County offices could help here, as builders don’t control future school construction. . Typically they’re constructed by the local government, not the home builder.

Some districts offer new students a choice of schools, others don’t. Be sure all of your school related issues are addressed before consider being the first buyer in a new home community in Tooele County.

Noise, Dust 

Depending on how large the new community is, buying first means you could be living with construction noise and heavy equipment on your street for a few months to several years, That will depend in large part to how many homes will be built and the proximity of those homes to yours.

Weigh the pros and cons,

shop around for a home you like and you could be living in your new community sooner than you’d dreamed.

You can see all of the new homes listed on the Tooele MLS right here.

The bottom line here I guess is you need to do a lot of legwork to see if you can make being the first home buyer in the deal. Or… you need an agent representing you that can and has take care of it.

If you see the task as a big one and don’t have an agent that understand what’s involved with new construction, I’d like to talk.

I know the area, and  I know new construction. I know where positive growth in Tooele County is taking place and who the builders are that will do what they say they will do.

I’d be a good partner to help figure this all out. Call me: Berna Sloan 435-840-5029. I can really help if you are thinking of being the first buyer in a new home community in Tooele County.