Are You Your Family and Your Home Protected In Tooele County

Disaster proof your home.

Are you, your family and your home protected in Tooele County?

With all the national disasters going on around the country Chris and I had  begun talks about how prepared we were if something happened in our town. Most of the family lives in Tooele & Soon, 4 of the 5 kids will live out here, and the grand-kids are always at our house (not just on grandma day).

So…. When my pals at KCM sent out some information about being prepared for a natural disaster we were on it. And started a campaign to get prepared as well as prepare this post for my blog “Tooele Real Estate by Berna”.

The info they sent was pretty cool. It did cover some things that we probably don’t need to worry about in Tooele County, like hurricanes, and tornadoes. But, the suggestions about fires, floods and earthquakes got my attention.

After reading a couple of these posts I admit we are NOT PREPARED. I bet you’re not either. When I realized that, I knew I had to share this with you guys, and let you judge if you and your family and home is protected in Tooele County.

I particularly liked the article from the Department of Homeland Security that helps you build an emergency kit that includes caring for pets and seniors. Pay attention also to the advise about maintaining and storing your kit.

The Fema, Red Cross post is a PDF file and outlines 4 steps to preparedness.

  • Get informed.
  • Make a Plan
  • How to Assemble
  • Maintaining The Plan

The Trulia info was great for taking a look at disaster proofing your house. They offer 12 ideas that you can probably use.

Actually they are all good take the time to have a look.

General Disaster Preparedness & Recovery

Department of Homeland Security’s Disaster Preparedness Kit Instructions
A disaster supplies kit is a collection of basic items your household may need in the event of an emergency. Also includes a downloadable/printable list.

FEMA & The American Red Cross’s Preparing for Disaster Guide – PDF
4 steps to be prepared before a natural disaster strikes.

12 Ways To Disaster-Proof Your Place
Trulia – No matter where you live, disaster preparedness is a crucial part of keeping your family and your home base safe.

USAA’s Preparing for Disaster: Is Your House Ready?
Tips for preparing for Hurricanes, Wildfires, Winter Storms, Floods and what to do after disaster strikes.

Settling post-catastrophe insurance claims: What agents should know
Inman News – Whether it’s Hurricane Harvey, a flood, tornado, earthquake or fire, it can take years to resolve a major insurance claim and restore your property. Here is a must-have guide to follow if you have a major insurance loss on your home.

Earthquake Preparedness & Recovery

Department of Homeland Security’s Guide to Earthquakes
This page describes what to do before, during, and, after an earthquake.

Flooding Preparedness & Recovery

HomeAdvisor’s Five Home Projects to Address Immediately After Your House Has Flooded
Depending on the storm and its staggering effects, homeowners might face a number of devastating problems: from feet of standing water in the living room, to trees and debris spread across the across your lawn and driveway, to a roof completely torn apart.

HomeAdvisor’s Water Damage Restoration
Water damage restoration is one of the most rapidly growing and evolving industries in the country. What used to consist of a contractor setting up a few fans in a flooded basement has now become a bonafide science.

I hope you were as excited as I was to get some of these tips. More than that I hope you’ll take the suggested steps to make your Tooele home and family safer in the event of a local disaster. Want to talk more about these, or have some you think we should share?  Call me, Berna Sloan 435-.840-5029. 

Remember, I’m the one that asked,are you, your family and your home protected in Tooele County.